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per 5 Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights Project

Bill of Rights Project For this assignment you are going to be the teacher. It will be your responsibility to teach an amendment from the Bill of Rights to the other students in the class. You will research an assigned amendment and present it to the class. Requirements: 1) Research Amendment thoroughly a. This includes […]

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Internet Media

You need to log into your Google drive account and create a document to answer the following questions 1. Go to the CNN, FOX News, and BBC websites. What are the headline stories? How do these stories differ from one another? 2. What other stories are covered on the websites? How is the order of […]

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Interest Groups

Political Activities Research Special Interest Group: an organization composed of individuals who share one of more interests in common and who have formed an association for their purpose of advancing or protecting those interests. Interest groups are the backbone of the pluralist system. The idea of varying groups competing with one another for influence and […]

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