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Bill of Rights Project

Bill of Rights Project

For this assignment you are going to be the teacher. It will be your responsibility to teach an amendment from the Bill of Rights to the other students in the class. You will research an assigned amendment and present it to the class.


1) Research Amendment thoroughly
a. This includes understanding what the amendment is all about
b. You must know how the amendment has been interpreted by the
Supreme Court and some court cases to support your findings

2) Find some current events dealing with the topic
a. This can be from newspapers, internet, or even your own life
b. This must be current and relevant for the students

3) Find any debates or controversies dealing with the amendment
a. You should make the students think not just tell them what the amendment says

4) Prepare a simple handout for the class that includes all the important information
a. No more than a page
b. Should include the required information
c. Should be simple and easy to read

5) Come up with five quiz questions for the class to show they have understood what was taught to them
a. You will be graded on how thoughtful the questions are and on how well the class answers them.
b. The questions should be relevant and challenging but not impossible

6) Present all information to the class in a 10-15 minute presentation
a. All members of the group must participate
o Students should be serious and speak clearly

Grading: (75 pts possible)

• Handout, Research and Preparation: ______/40pts
• Quiz questions: ______/5pts
• Presentation: ______/30pts
• Extra Credit: (dress up, above and beyond) ______/10pts

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