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Internet Media

You need to log into your Google drive account and create a document to answer the following questions

1. Go to the CNN, FOX News, and BBC websites. What are the headline stories? How do
these stories differ from one another?
2. What other stories are covered on the websites? How is the order of these stories
different in each website?
3. What sensational stories are covered? Give two examples.
4. Are there stories that show a liberal or conservative bias? What are they? What is the evidence of bias?
5. Go to the 9 News website. What stories are covered? What are the differences between
local, national, and world news coverage?
6. Pick one of the websites and examine it for structural bias. Is there a bias in the kinds of stories that are covered? What is this bias? What is your. evidence of this bias?
7. Scan a a story on Fox News and CNN. Be sure that it is the same story. Look for
differences in language, in how people are described, etc. Note the location of the story on the website. What does the language chosen and the placement of the story tell you about bias?

When you are done with these 7 questions make sure that you share the file with me. Make sure it is titled per_media_last,first

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