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There are currently 20 newcomers that have been here for less that 2 years. There are another 20 EL students that have been here for 5 years or less. These students are fairly easy to pick out in your class. Remember, your newcomer student is as intelligent as any native-English speaker you have in your classroom.  He/she is just new to the English language please, don’t make the mistakes of speaking loudly in English to them or giving them a seat at the very back of the room.


Incorporating Technology to help newcomers

Now that students have iPads please incorporate technology to help support them in understanding the language. By using Google Translate to allow them to communicate with others in class helps them to understand the content. Google translate allows students to translate language by taking a picture (it will recognize printed language and convert it) or it can be used to translate text to speech.


Please be aware Google Translate works better in translating academic language rather than slang.

Khan Academy is in Spanish

Youtube videos can be translated for newcomers also. By adding closed captions and auto translate a video in English can now be presented in Spanish or any other language that you choose

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There are a lot of other tools to help newcomers in the classroom. This is just a few options, others will be addressed through upcoming EL Mondays.

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